Inkwell Imaginings: Join the Workshops

If you’ve been around a bit, you may have seen my earlier post about the writing workshops of Inkwell Imaginings – specifically, their workshop on the hero’s journey. For any interested, you can attend the workshop meetings in a virtual capacity (you wouldn’t be the only one :D) through Livestream.

EDIT: Meetings are Fridays at 6:30 PM, Eastern Standard Time. You can also find Inkwell on Facebook.

The current workshop schedule is as follows:

March 2012

3/2- Critique Circle

3/9- World Building/ Setting (Kit)


-accepts such as technology, religion, landscape, culture, politics, etc.

3/16- Critique Circle

3/23- Time Management (Kit and Jenifer)

-How to stay focus

-Keeping your passion

-Setting goals (Reward system for Nano)

3/30-Critique Circle

April 2012

4/6- Write What You Know (Jenifer)

-exploring your own interests and hobbies

-drawing on your back round

-Non-fiction narrative about yourself, memorize, or a specific experience

4/13- Critique Circle

4/20- Write What You DON’T Know (Kit)

-picking a topic or experience you wish to know more about


-historical fiction, learning about a specific time of history

4/27- Critique Circle

May 2012

5/4- Acting it Out (Kit and Jenifer)

-paper sketches

-physically acting it out

-reading it out loud to yourself or to someone or have them read it out loud

5/11- Critique Circle

5/18- Writing Through Stress (Kit and Jenifer)

-tips and tricks of how to keep going

-how to deal with stress in a constructive way

5/25- Critique Circle

June 2012

6/1- Own Your Work, Validation, Incentive (Kit and Jenifer)

-confidence building

-stop saying you’re writing is CRAP

-giving yourself rewards during and after a project

-giving credit to EVERYTHING you write, because it will always teach you something

-Not getting burnt out

6/8- Critique Circle

6/15- Editing/ Revising (Kit and Jenifer)

-when to let go

-what to look for

-how many passes to make (3: 2 hard and 1 for typos)

-over kill does existed

-story length defines

6/22- Critique Circle

6/29- Self-Publishing (Jenifer)

-how to start

-process for hard copies

-process for e-books


-list price setting

July 2012

7/6- Critique Circle

7/13- Traditional Publishing (Kit)

-how to start (query letter)

-finding a good agent, contract negotiations

-pushing scams

-knowing that rejection is out there/ building a thick skin

-knowing what you are going in to/ author for a life time, not one book

-writer’s market

-Self VS. Traditional pros and cons

7/20- Critique Circle

7/27- Building your author brand (Kit and Jenifer)

-knowing how you want to be

-what kind of books you want out there with your name attached



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