And Then Spring Break Happened

You’ve probably noticed it’s been pretty quiet around Far Beyond Neverland this past week. Well, that’s because my school let out for spring break. Late in the semester to happen, I know, but blame my school being stupid. Anyway, yeah, spring break happened, and I said “fuck everything *lazeabout*”. So, no writing prompt or PreCrisis chapter last week. I didn’t even do any homework last week. I have a paper due next week for one English class, a final to do for another class, and a ten page paper for my psychology class that’s due in about three weeks. So, I’ll be a little busy a while. Possibly too busy to work on PreCrisis until after finals, which should be after the first week of May. So, just a bit of a heads up. It’s going to be fairly quiet for a little bit longer, even if I do have loads to say. Just don’t have the time right now.


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