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A Longer Absence Than Planned

So, my absence from Far Beyond Neverland was longer than intended. Finals went…alrightish. Since then, I’ve been busy with other things, like moving and job hunting. I’ll be living and going to school in Oklahoma now, and might be getting a job soon (fingers crossed). Things are looking up for my daily life, so far. So, now, I can get back with FBN, and all the wild and crazy fun that goes along with it.

I’m working my way through Way of Kings, by Brandon Sanderson, bit by bit. I’m also reading this lovely steampunk novella by Kady Cross, The Strange Case of Finley Jayne. When I finish it, I’ll post a review. Speaking of reviews, FBN needs more of them, don’t you think? I can’t promise something too frequent just yet, but I will aim for (at least) one to two a month for now. I saw “for now” because Camp NaNoWriMo is approaching, and  I will be rewriting something from last year.

And, in regards to writing, PreCrisis will be continuing soon. It will resume it’s normally planned schedule of being updated on Fridays. In addition, there may be another serial joining FBN in the near future. Please, feel free to offer feedback on anything, constructive criticism can only help. ^_^


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Tagged! Again!

Let’s pass the hot potato off again, eh?

The Rules

~You must post the rules
~Post eleven facts about yourself on the blog post
~Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
~Tag eleven bloggers, however, you can break the rules and tag fewer  people if you want. Make sure you hyperlink their names/blogs.
~Let them know you’ve tagged them!
~Have fun!

Eleven More Facts About Moi

1) I play Magic the Gathering.

2) I also play Dungeons and Dragons.

3) I’m a fan of The Joker Blogs.

4) I’m working on a serial that will (rather soon) make its debut appearance here at FBN.

5) I have Slytherin Pride.

6) Final Fantasy VII was my first RPG.

7) The Game Gear was my first game system.

8) I grew up on the Sony PlayStation.

9) I make anime music videos for fun. (Feel free to peruse my youtube page. Warning: some of them suck.)

10) I am a troper.

11) Moose Tracks and Mint Chocolate Chip are my favorite flavors of ice cream.

Questions That Need Answering

1) How often do you come up with new ideas for writing?

Fairly often. Music is an excellent source of inspiration, in my opinion.

2) On a good day, how many words can you manage to write before collapsing?

I don’t have time to write till I drop during the semester, unfortunately. But, during NaNo, I could do around 2-4, sometimes 5,000 words, a day.

3) What is your preferred genre, both in reading and writing?

Fantasy of all sorts.

4) If you’re a plotter, how long do you plot before you start a big project?

I’d estimate around 2-3 months of figuring out characters, motivations, the story, charrie arcs, and whatever else. Mostly this is due to me having to work around school things that need doing.

5) Do you prefer sweet or salty food?

Umm…well…Sweet above all. But, I do so much enjoy salt and vinegar potato chips…

6) What are your biggest talents other than writing?

I can make good tekteks? Does that count?

7) Is there anything you live by when it comes to writing? What?

Yep. Always write it down lest you forget it. There was some epic dialogue I thought of once in the shower, and I never wrote it down when I got out. Cue me trying to remember how it went. What I came up with later is nowhere near as awesome as the original incarnation.

8) Of the last, say, ten books you read, which did you like best and why?

The first Wheel of Time book was pretty good. Nice set up and whatnot.

9) Around how many books are on your to-read list right now?

Ergh. Um. A lot. Seriously, loads.

10) What is your favourite book-to-film adaptation?

The Harry Potter movies.

11)How often do you listen to music while writing?

All the time. I never leave home without a portable music player. And headphones, one must never forgot headphones.

Questions To Be Answered

1) Do you have a favorite 80s band?

2) Which Doctor Who doctor is your favorite?

3) What is your favorite brand of chocolate?

4) You’re face to face with Voldemort! What do you do?

5) Do you have a favorite fantasy author?

6) What do you do to procrastinate on writing?

7) Do you play online games? Which one(s)?

8) What is your personal theme song?

9) How do you like your pizza?

10) Do you have a favorite Vocaloid?

11) What is your favorite Alan Rickman movie?

Hey, you! Yes, you with the face!

Fiction Believer

Billow St. Bookshop


Also, it be Wednesday, yes? Well. Writing prompt time! Meteor showers are bringing more than rocks down to Earth. What is hitching a ride?

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On Your Marks Get Set, Screnzy!

It’s April, and we all know what that means! Unless you don’t, in fact, know what April means. No, I’m not talking about the Mayflower, I’m talking about the Frenzy. The Script Frenzy, to be precise. Midnight April 1st is when this hip little shindig kicked off, and yours truly is working on two scripts at once. This might end up being three, I don’t know yet. Anyway, my page count so far is 14/100, but I intend on trying for a hundred pages for each script. So, that 100 pages could end up being anywhere between 200 and 300 by the end of April. I hope. *fingers crossed*

I other news, Cartoon Network played the best April Fool’s Joke in the history of everything. They showed some Saturday night Toonami, and played classic anime from back when. It was the most amazing night, my inner child jumped for joy. It makes me want to hope that (maybe) Cartoon Network will start getting itself back together and bring Toonami back for real, but time will tell.

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Harry Potter Gif Challenge

See it here!



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I’ve been tagged, looks like. I refuse to bow to the system! Rah-rah, fight da powah!

I lose the battle.

Comfy Sweaters, Writing and Fish has tagged me for some sort of thing in which I have to answer questions. So, let’s dive in to this shindig, shall we?

Part 1~Rules:

~You must post the rules
~Post eleven facts about yourself on the blog post
~Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
~Tag eleven bloggers, however, you can break the rules and tag fewer  people if you want. Make sure you hyperlink their names/blogs.
~Let them know you’ve tagged them!
~Have fun!

Part 2~Eleven Facts About Yourself

  1. I love JRPGs.
  2. I also love anime.
  3. My favorite music genres are symphonic metal, power metal, futurepop, and other assorted types of synth.
  4. My favorite colors are black, purple, and green.
  5. I think Earl Grey is second only to Green tea.
  6. I am a huge procrastinator.
  7. I love the smell of a new notebook or journal.
  8. I am rather certain that chocolate is its own food group.
  9. I am a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
  10. I’m in my imagination more often than in reality.
  11. I hate math classes.

Part 3 ~ Answering Questions

  1. Are you allergic to anything? What? Nuts of most types. Can’t eat anything with them in them, but I can eat peanut butter. I prefer soy nut butter, though. So yummy.
  2. Favorite book, album, and television show? Favorite book would be…do I have to pick just one? I have so many favorites. Favorite album would have to be Frozen Embers, by the Cruxshadows. It was my first CXS album, and what made me a fan. Favorite tv show is Firefly, hands down. Well, that and Once Upon A Time.
  3. What are your thoughts on teddy bears? Ohmygoshyesplzcanitbesquishyandfluffy?
  4. Your favorite art form(s) to create? That you love to read/look at/evaluate? Fantasy. The more epic the better.
  5. In 5 words, explain your relationship with cereal. Coocoo for Cocoa Puffs.
  6. What were you wearing yesterday afternoon? Uhh…black pants, a black and grey striped shirt, a black jacket, and black Converse hightops with white laces.
  7. Boy bands? Angry Punk Girl Bands? I liked Backstreet Boys when I was a kid, and that’s about it.
  8. Where is the nearest window to where you are sitting and what can you see out of it? To my left, and it leads out to my grandma’s patio. The blinds are closed up, currently, though.
  9. Pens or pencilsPens. Black Pilot brand pens, those are lovely. Uniball pens are THE best, though.
  10. If you made a mix CD for your best friend what would be one or two of the songs in it be? Unhallowed Metropolis by Vernian Process and Fibonacci Sequence by Dr. Steel.
  11. Excellent band name that never was, hasn’t been, and should be? Elysium’s Exiled.

Part 4~ Questions From Me

  1. Steampunk or Cyberpunk?
  2. What is your favorite holiday?
  3. If you were one of the five elements, which would you be?
  4. What is your Hogwarts house?
  5. Favorite method of cooking chicken?
  6. Favorite video game?
  7. Disney movies! Which is the best?
  8. Coffee or tea? How do you take it?
  9. Moleskine notebooks – yea or nay?
  10. Do you know the muffin man?
  11. Are you [S][H][E][R]locked?

Part 5~ The Tagged Bloggers

The Pattie Project

Goggles and Lace

Pete Denton

Creativity Loving Muse

Oldest GenXer

Fyre Dragyn

Universal Shift


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No, my precious streak!

So, I’ve been making myself write everyday with If you don’t know what that is, it’s a sort-of writing challenge where you have to write 750 words every day. It’s roughly three handwritten pages of anything. It’s helped me a good deal with figuring out some of the plot elements for The Sunset Trilogy (which may or may not get renamed again). Anyway, you get points of varying number, badges for certain things, it’s really cool in my opinion. I had a lovely streak going – nine days, I believe – and I forgot to write the day before yesterday. I was so close to getting whatever badge it was for going ten nights in a row (there’s a different one for mornings), and now I’ve got to rebuild my streak. Ah well.


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Inkwell Imaginings: Join the Workshops

If you’ve been around a bit, you may have seen my earlier post about the writing workshops of Inkwell Imaginings – specifically, their workshop on the hero’s journey. For any interested, you can attend the workshop meetings in a virtual capacity (you wouldn’t be the only one :D) through Livestream.

EDIT: Meetings are Fridays at 6:30 PM, Eastern Standard Time. You can also find Inkwell on Facebook.

The current workshop schedule is as follows:

March 2012

3/2- Critique Circle

3/9- World Building/ Setting (Kit)


-accepts such as technology, religion, landscape, culture, politics, etc.

3/16- Critique Circle

3/23- Time Management (Kit and Jenifer)

-How to stay focus

-Keeping your passion

-Setting goals (Reward system for Nano)

3/30-Critique Circle

April 2012

4/6- Write What You Know (Jenifer)

-exploring your own interests and hobbies

-drawing on your back round

-Non-fiction narrative about yourself, memorize, or a specific experience

4/13- Critique Circle

4/20- Write What You DON’T Know (Kit)

-picking a topic or experience you wish to know more about


-historical fiction, learning about a specific time of history

4/27- Critique Circle

May 2012

5/4- Acting it Out (Kit and Jenifer)

-paper sketches

-physically acting it out

-reading it out loud to yourself or to someone or have them read it out loud

5/11- Critique Circle

5/18- Writing Through Stress (Kit and Jenifer)

-tips and tricks of how to keep going

-how to deal with stress in a constructive way

5/25- Critique Circle

June 2012

6/1- Own Your Work, Validation, Incentive (Kit and Jenifer)

-confidence building

-stop saying you’re writing is CRAP

-giving yourself rewards during and after a project

-giving credit to EVERYTHING you write, because it will always teach you something

-Not getting burnt out

6/8- Critique Circle

6/15- Editing/ Revising (Kit and Jenifer)

-when to let go

-what to look for

-how many passes to make (3: 2 hard and 1 for typos)

-over kill does existed

-story length defines

6/22- Critique Circle

6/29- Self-Publishing (Jenifer)

-how to start

-process for hard copies

-process for e-books


-list price setting

July 2012

7/6- Critique Circle

7/13- Traditional Publishing (Kit)

-how to start (query letter)

-finding a good agent, contract negotiations

-pushing scams

-knowing that rejection is out there/ building a thick skin

-knowing what you are going in to/ author for a life time, not one book

-writer’s market

-Self VS. Traditional pros and cons

7/20- Critique Circle

7/27- Building your author brand (Kit and Jenifer)

-knowing how you want to be

-what kind of books you want out there with your name attached


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