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Tagged! Again!

Let’s pass the hot potato off again, eh?

The Rules

~You must post the rules
~Post eleven facts about yourself on the blog post
~Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
~Tag eleven bloggers, however, you can break the rules and tag fewer  people if you want. Make sure you hyperlink their names/blogs.
~Let them know you’ve tagged them!
~Have fun!

Eleven More Facts About Moi

1) I play Magic the Gathering.

2) I also play Dungeons and Dragons.

3) I’m a fan of The Joker Blogs.

4) I’m working on a serial that will (rather soon) make its debut appearance here at FBN.

5) I have Slytherin Pride.

6) Final Fantasy VII was my first RPG.

7) The Game Gear was my first game system.

8) I grew up on the Sony PlayStation.

9) I make anime music videos for fun. (Feel free to peruse my youtube page. Warning: some of them suck.)

10) I am a troper.

11) Moose Tracks and Mint Chocolate Chip are my favorite flavors of ice cream.

Questions That Need Answering

1) How often do you come up with new ideas for writing?

Fairly often. Music is an excellent source of inspiration, in my opinion.

2) On a good day, how many words can you manage to write before collapsing?

I don’t have time to write till I drop during the semester, unfortunately. But, during NaNo, I could do around 2-4, sometimes 5,000 words, a day.

3) What is your preferred genre, both in reading and writing?

Fantasy of all sorts.

4) If you’re a plotter, how long do you plot before you start a big project?

I’d estimate around 2-3 months of figuring out characters, motivations, the story, charrie arcs, and whatever else. Mostly this is due to me having to work around school things that need doing.

5) Do you prefer sweet or salty food?

Umm…well…Sweet above all. But, I do so much enjoy salt and vinegar potato chips…

6) What are your biggest talents other than writing?

I can make good tekteks? Does that count?

7) Is there anything you live by when it comes to writing? What?

Yep. Always write it down lest you forget it. There was some epic dialogue I thought of once in the shower, and I never wrote it down when I got out. Cue me trying to remember how it went. What I came up with later is nowhere near as awesome as the original incarnation.

8) Of the last, say, ten books you read, which did you like best and why?

The first Wheel of Time book was pretty good. Nice set up and whatnot.

9) Around how many books are on your to-read list right now?

Ergh. Um. A lot. Seriously, loads.

10) What is your favourite book-to-film adaptation?

The Harry Potter movies.

11)How often do you listen to music while writing?

All the time. I never leave home without a portable music player. And headphones, one must never forgot headphones.

Questions To Be Answered

1) Do you have a favorite 80s band?

2) Which Doctor Who doctor is your favorite?

3) What is your favorite brand of chocolate?

4) You’re face to face with Voldemort! What do you do?

5) Do you have a favorite fantasy author?

6) What do you do to procrastinate on writing?

7) Do you play online games? Which one(s)?

8) What is your personal theme song?

9) How do you like your pizza?

10) Do you have a favorite Vocaloid?

11) What is your favorite Alan Rickman movie?

Hey, you! Yes, you with the face!

Fiction Believer

Billow St. Bookshop


Also, it be Wednesday, yes? Well. Writing prompt time! Meteor showers are bringing more than rocks down to Earth. What is hitching a ride?


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